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Increasing energy efficiency to help Europe meet 2030 Climate Target Plan

The European Commission’s 2030 Climate Target Plan is building on significant energy efficiency improvements of 36%. However, it falls short of tapping the full potential which stands at 40% efficiency, according to the Coalition for Energy Sav...

07/10/2020 Read

CSD Leonardo da Vinci in full cutter mode

Jan De Nul’s cutter suction dredger (CSD) Leonardo da Vinci is in full cutter mode in Mozambique. The company just released beautiful photo of the CSD, assisted by their splithopper barge Marquis de Prié and trailing suction hopper dr...

07/10/2020 Read

European CEO Alliance puts weight behind 2050 net-zero emissions target

The CEO of Enel and CEOs from 11 other European companies joined forces for a zero-carbon future and a more resilient Europe through the formation of the European CEO Alliance. At the alliance’s first meeting, members agreed to align with ne...

07/10/2020 Read

UK Prime Minister: Offshore Wind to Power Every Home by 2030

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out commitments to ensure that offshore wind will produce more than enough electricity to power every home in the country by 2030, based on current electricity usage, boosting the government’s p...

06/10/2020 Read

The first ever LNG bunkering for CSD Spartacus

DEME Group has successfully performed the first ever LNG bunkering of their giant cutter suction dredger (CSD) ‘Spartacus’. This is not only the first ever LNG bunkering of a CSD in their fleet, but it is also the first time in the wor...

06/10/2020 Read

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