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World’s largest ships

Many of us know that the ships are big, they can transport more than any other transport vehicle. However there a few ships that can make an extraordinary impression, to get a bigger picture watch this video. The biggest ships that are now operationa...

13/11/2015 Read

Pirates released Lithuanian and Ukrainian sailors kidnapped in Nigeria

Pirates released the Lithuanian sailors kidnapped in Nigeria, to confirmed BNS Lithuanian Government Vice-Chancellor Rimantas Vaitkus. "We have just received a message from the ship owner's representative that the hostages are free"...

13/11/2015 Read

Up for a powerful career?

We would like to present the newest promo video of our Partner iPS powerful people. Let's watch and enjoy together!  The main activity of iPS contains the recruiting, contracting and payment of personnel all around the world. Sinc...

12/11/2015 Read

Moeller-Maersk : Global economic growth is even worse than it looks

The CEO of the biggest shipping company on earth is pretty much as exposed to global growth as anyone gets, and he has a worrying message for the world. In an interview with Bloomberg, Moeller-Maersk CEO Nils Smedegaard Andersen suggested tha...

12/11/2015 Read

Panama Canal Scrambles to Meet Demand

The Panama Canal has postponed non-critical maintenance work at the locks, modified its booking system, canceled draft restrictions, and assigned additional crews to operate the tugs, locomotives and locks to expedite traffic, decrease Canal Waters T...

11/11/2015 Read

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